Indulge yourself by purchasing a design and contemporary wooden lighting!
Passionate designer, Andrew Hemus gives free rein to his imagination to create unique pieces.



Our Lighting Design

Bring some light into your home!

Light is an extraordinary phenomenon that illuminates the world and makes things visible. Andrew Hemus creates lighting different styles and designs to enhance and illuminate your living space.


All our creations are made in a traditional way, in our workshop. Their colours may vary from the photographs. This is due to the wood, a natural material which different shades are part of its uniqueness and beauty.

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  • Luminaire - Lampadaire - Lighting "Momentum" H190 en bois
    Lighting - Lampadaire "Momentum Giant" H190


by | May 16, 2020


Artisan Cabinetmaker Creator Designer - Sublime your living place!
Enhance your living space with Andrew Hemus Design creations.

Artisan Cabinetmaker Creator Designer

Sublim your living place!

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Andrew Hemus -Member of the PARIS OCCITAN collective

Creators and artisans of the Occitanie region

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