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Your cabinetmaker in action in his workshop in Revel

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Andrew Hemus Your Cabinetmaker Creator and Designer


Meeting with Andrew Hemus

Inspired and guided by nature, listening and respecting the material and fashioning your hands into tools…. This is my philosophy.

Artist by heart, material shaper, creator of unique objects, half-dreamer half-designer, it was in the United Kingdom that I obtained my graduate degrees in Art and Design.

First devoting myself to ceramics, I then built metal sculptures for the company “Artfab’s” for 10 years.

The call of wood being the strongest I created my company of cabinet making and antique restoration that remained active until I joined France 11 years ago.

Today, I dedicate myself to creation and offer contemporary furniture, sculptures, lighting, artistic pieces, unique and custom-made 100% design! What characterizes my works? The interaction with the material, composition, elasticity, curves and bending wood, especially steam bending wood with water vapour.

My creations are made in limited series or unique pieces. They are signed.

Signed Andrew Hemus, your Cabinetmaker and Designer

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Our values

100% French manufactures

The workshop is located in Haute Garonne, near Toulouse.

Each of the creations comes straight out of our workshop located in Revel at the limit of the department of Tarn

Designer artist, Andrew loves wood and all the possibilities that this natural material can offer. He believes in sustainability and always works to make his creations appreciated over time. They are made with care and attention in order to achieve perfection. Andrew strives to choose the wood in which they come to life.


Working with local artisans

We are as committed as possible to work with local artisans. It is natural that we have chosen to collaborate with Gilles Frede‘s workshops, located close to our workshop. Among other things, Gilles relizes all  upholstery needed for creations. Working in the same spirit as ours and being very attached to the perfection in his work, our collaboration became obvious. You can consult his knowledge by visiting his website.

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The wood bending specialist

Video from the Andrew Hemus Design workshop, on the technique of bending.

Watch the Atelier Andrew Hemus Design Facebook video, his specialty!

Our speciality

The steam bending technic.

The process consists of several steps:

The first step is to place the wood in a steamer in which heat and water vapour are diffused. After a time determined by the essence and thickness of the wood the piece is removed very quickly from the steamer and placed in force against a former in order to give it the desired shape.

The wood will remain on the former until it recovers its natural level of humidity.  Once dry, the wood will keep the shape of the mould. However, there must be a percentage of release or relaxation of about 12% which must be taken into account when making the former according to the purpose of the piece.

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Artisan Cabinetmaker Creator Designer - Sublime your living place!
Enhance your living space with Andrew Hemus Design creations.

Artisan Cabinetmaker Creator Designer

Sublim your living place!

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Andrew Hemus -Member of the PARIS OCCITAN collective

Creators and artisans of the Occitanie region

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